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The latest advances in precision oncology are enabling important strides forward in the diagnosis, treatment, and management of cancer – across all stages of the disease.

How a Simple Blood Draw Can Help Healthcare Providers Increase Screening Compliance

Blood tests are now in development to help physicians offer an easier, less invasive cancer screening option for their healthy, asymptomatic, and screen-eligible patients. These tests detect the smallest amounts of DNA shed by the tumor through a routine blood draw. This tumor DNA can signal that a person may have the earliest signs of cancer. By being able to see the early presence of cancer from blood, a person can find out whether they have cancer or not, with additional diagnostic testing.

Screening is one of the best ways to detect cancer early, when it can most effectively be treated. Advances in blood-based cancer screening have the potential to significantly increase screening rates across cancer types by addressing the barriers to current screening methods including invasiveness, accessibility, and performance.